A New Year...

2017 was an exciting year for us.

After three years living in Singapore, we moved back to the UK on 5 February. Walking off the plane into cold wintery air was a very welcome change!

We moved to Winchester shortly after our return, somewhere with fantastic historic architecture and access to the countryside, both high on our priority lists, and which allowed for us to maintain the day-jobs.

Ceramics Classes in Hampshire
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Pottery Courses in West Sussex
Pottery Workshops in West Sussex

It was shortly after this that we decided to start loam ceramics.

We have always had an interest in the look and feel of ceramics, but it was only after we booked onto a trial throwing session in Singapore (…in early 2016) with some friends that this really became a passion. It was a hobby that stuck, a means of doing something that engaged hands and head, and with something rewarding to show for it.

2017 was definitely a year of trial and error. Discovering what worked and what didn’t, testing news glazes and shapes, and refining new techniques.

These are some of our favourite items produced over the last 12 months:

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Pottery Workshops in West Sussex
Ceramics in West Sussex
Ceramics Courses in West Sussex

We spent the year rediscovering the UK, its seasons, towns and cities. We not only moved to Winchester, and explored our surroundings, such as the lovely Georgian town of Alresford, villages such as Chilcomb and Twyford, but also travelled, to Knutsford in Cheshire, Oxford and the Cotswolds, Durham and Newcastle, Arran in Scotland, Dorset, Bristol, Wiltshire and Surrey.

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Coming back to seasons has been a welcome change after living just above the equator (although this was an exciting and eye opening experience, and allowed us to do some fantastic travelling around Asia Pacific) but it is a strange feeling seeing things that you have grown up with around you through new eyes. The subtle changes from day-to-day, week-to-week - blossom to green shoots, green leaves to yellow and orange, to bare branches, longer nights, and warmer days, to short days and fires at home! Plus, Pebble has found it a welcome change to the humidity in Singapore.

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We brought home with us a slightly changed perspective, which means we are trying to live a slightly slower, more mindful life, like many people these days, so that life doesn’t pass by in a blur of screens, the buzz of crowds and the sense of the never-ending to-do lists.

In 2018 we are continuing to focus on what is going on around us as well as to develop our little business. We are hoping to buy a home which will facilitate this, with a dedicated studio, more glazes and new shapes, both functional and decorative. We have also managed to line up some exciting trips and plans which will keep us inspired and focused (Germany, Cornwall and Scotland to mention a few).

So whilst one year has now drawn to an end, we are now firmly focused on 2018 and what this year will bring!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, and we look forward to another year of creativity, planning and production, and keeping you informed along the way!

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